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Our Mold Service Includes Injection Moulding Products, Mold Design, Plastic Mold Manufacturing, Oem Mold Making, Plastic Product Design, and Development Assistance.

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About Many Moulds

Case Studies in Plastic Injection Molding

Manymoulds MIS Technology has been producing high-precision injection molds for Automotive & 3C electronics since 1989. We manufacture complex housing that supports high-volume production for many of the globally Recognized Brands OEMs such as Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Sony, Bose, Dyson, Sunsea, Esaote, Jacuzzi, etc.


Manymoulds MIS Technology Can Help You Save Even More!!! (THE LARGER QUANTITY, THE MORE COST-SAVING!)
Foam Molding (Saving about 5%~30% of the cost) & Cycle Time reduction, increasing efficiency (Saving about 10%~20% of cost/pc)  >>>Learn more  

The Team Consists of 44 Senior Engineers.  >>>Learn more  

We Have 80 of Injection Molding Machines and 40 of Mold-Making Equipment.  >>>Learn more  

Our Customer Real Case Practical (How to Make Your Injection Molding More Economical).  >>>Learn more  

1. Shortening Cooling Time and Cycle Time

Pressurizing cooling liquid, shortening cycle time.

2. Filling Innovation with High-quality Surface

Inorganic material-filled resin( pearl powder, metal powder, calcium carbonate, PTFE, etc.)
Organic material-filled resin (wood flour, rice husk, etc.)

3. Greatly Reducing Stress

Greatly reducing stress, reducing distortion or warpage, improving dimensional stability

4. Resin Cost Reduction

Weight Reduction.
Structural foam molding, reducing weight and saving 5~20% resin material.
Extreme thin wall.
Reducing the filling pressure and increasing flowability.

5. Perfect Surface Treatment, No Need for Coating/Painting

No limitation on high gloss or texture.
Eliminating sink marks, flow marks, weld lines, gate marks, etc.
Resin recycling, reducing defective ratio and environmental pollution.

With over 25 years of experience, we offer accelerated services to meet your time-to-market requirements. Many Moulds has always been there for our customers and will continue to deliver excellence in every mold for plastic.

Engineers in Mechanical Manufacturing & Quality Assurance
Injection Molding Machines
Saving Cost for Injection Molding
Years Founded in 1989


Our customer base is primarily comprised of those that demand high precision and complex parts. “MANY MIS Moulds” proudly manufactures solutions for industries such as Medical Devices, pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Aerospace/Defense, Industrial, Consumer, and many others.

Whether you have a napkin sketch or a detailed CAD drawing, “Many’s Moulds” design and engineering team brings your product idea to life.
Novel automotive, electronics, and medical devices require innovative and novel design solutions. “Many’s Moulds” engineers work with clients to design and manufacture their automotive, electronics, and medical products. Our team considers the entire product and application when beginning design for manufacturing & assembly (DFMA).

By utilizing our design process, your product can easily transition from product development to next-generation designs as your project scales.

Engineering Services

  • 1. Conceptual and Preliminary Product Design
  • 2. Design for Manufacturing
  • 3. Design for Assembly
  • 4. MoldFlow Simulation
  • 5. Process Optimization

Products are designed for quality and optimal performance.

This means a quick and smooth transition from design to manufacturing and final product for you.


Mold Design and Manufacture

  • General Molds
  • Gas-assisted Molding Mould
  • Foaming Mould
  • Overmold
  • High Gloss Mold
  • Two-color Mold
  • In-mold Transfer Mold

Injection Molding

  • General Injection Molding Molding
  • Gas Assisted Molding
  • Foaming
  • Overmolding
  • High Gloss Molding
  • 2K Injection Molding
  • Micro Stress Technology Molding

Surface Treatment

  • Water Transfer Printing
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Water Sticker
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Oil Spraying


  • Production Molds
  • Export Molds
  • Family Molds
  • Insert Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Compression Molding
  • Rapid Molds
  • Mold Manufacturing
  • Prototype Molds


  • Plastics
  • Thermoplastics
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Resin
  • Nylon
  • Glass-filled Nylon


  • ABS
  • Thermoplastics Rubber
  • Polystyrene
  • Low-Density Polyethylene
  • Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
  • High-Impact Polystyrene
  • Acetal/Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • Many Others
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Ask your question in a 1 on 1 enquiry and we will give you a detailed answer, whatever the country/region you need our support. ([email protected])

Ask your question in a 1 on 1 enquiry and we will give you a detailed answer, whatever the country/region you need our support. ([email protected])

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The “MANY MOULDS” with a Difference

MANY MOULDS has 40 years of experience offering a complete solution, including product design, mold design, mold making, and injection molding.

MANY MOULDS injection company takes care of 95% of manufacturing tasks in-house thus we are able to offer you an accuracy range within 0.005mm for all molds.

MANY MOULDS has repair centers in different areas, making sure to care for your molds and business!

Every project is led by a project manager who oversees project specifics, logistics, and schedule.

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MIS (Multiple Solutions + Innovative Mold Design + Self-developed)
M = Multiple Solutions
I = Innovative Mold Design
S = Self-developed

Learn more Many MIS

Many Molds In addition to product developers should try to save mold costs, but also applied the most popular innovative technology “Many MIS“. “Many MIS” is widely used in many fields. On the premise of the larger the number of objects, the more money you save. In most cases, the less expensive tools are of lower quality, less durable, have looser tolerances, and have poorer surface finishes. These are not cost savings. Instead, they are costly mistakes. Instead, long-term savings can be realized through increased productivity, shorter cycle times, and process stability. As volume increases, the relative cost of the tool decreases until it’s virtually free.

Cost Saving for Injection Molding (Especially for Mass Production), Multiple Innovative Injection Molding Solutions, Innovative Mold Design + Innovative Mold Steel, Self-developed Integrated Intelligent Control Systems and Equipment, Our molding service is strengthened by our extensive expertise and a wide range of production capabilities. This means we’re capable of producing parts ranging from millimeters to cubic meters in size. Our production of such a wide variety of parts enables us to best meet your needs. Further, we have unique access to tooling experts with decades of experience. They are available for video conferencing and customer support. We’re united in our efforts to help you have a satisfactory injection molding experience!

This depends on the complexity of the tool design and the type of material the tool is made from. Generally speaking, a very basic square shape made from relatively soft steel such as P20 can be made in less than one week. Very hard steels take longer to cut and heat treat, while complex shapes or advanced surface textures can require three or more weeks to prepare.

A reputable manufacturer will positively identify all incoming raw materials, and will carefully control every stage of production to ensure process repeatability. Full ISO certification is a good demonstration of their commitment to excellence.

We make tools and dies from S136H, 2316H, H13 hardened, 2316H, P20, 8407, and NAK80 semi-hardened steels. We offer standard SPI finishes, EDM texturing, and several different types of etched textures. We also have thousands of thermoforming plastics available – contact us for details.

All orders are carefully reviewed by our tooling engineers to provide design for manufacturing optimization. We also work closely with outside design consultancies who can offer expert advice on the process of moving a product from the concept stage to production-ready.

Our quality-control system includes several steps to ensure safe, high-performing products for our clients. As with all of our services, we conduct comprehensive material verification and testing before molding begins. This includes the metal used in our molds and the plastics used in production. During production, we carefully control all processing conditions — including temperature and humidity — to maintain repeatable results. Many molding companies neglect to do this, which can lead to flaws in the finished parts. We also 3D scan complex shapes to ensure accuracy.