Smart Watch, Drone, Smart Home Injection Mold

Mold NameSmart Watch, Drone, Smart Home Injection Mold
Main ProductProduct Design, Plastic Injection Mold, IML/IMD, 2K InjectionMold. Silicone Rubber Mold, Prototype, CNC, Milling.
Plastic MaterialHIPS, ABS, PC, PPPS, POM, PMMA, PE, AS, PPSN, PBT, PA66, PVC, TPU, PEEK, HDPE, etc.
Mold Life500,000/1,000,000/2,000,000 Shots
Mould CavitySingle Cavity, Multi-Cavity
Runner SystemHot Runner and Cold Runner
SurfaceTreatmentPolished,Painted,Chrome-Plated, UV Printing, Brushed. SilkScreened. WaterIransferred, Laser-Cut, Leather-Covered, Textured/Frosted, Sandblasted, HotStamped, Uv-Painted, Polished/Smoothed, Electroplated, Printed, Etc.
File FormatSolidworks,Pro/Engineer,Auto,CAD,PDFJPG
Equipment1.Tooling Development Machinery: High Efficiency MachiningCenter, JapanMakino CNC Milling Machining Center,Ect.
2.Component Finishing Machinery: Henghui Sing & Bio-Padding Machine,100,000Grade Oil Spraying Line,Ect.
3.Injection Machenery. Si-FiveYizumi Injection Machine,Haitian Machinery,Ect.


Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:Many Moulds
Model Number:High-Quality Plastic Injection Molding
Shaping Mode:Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material:Steel
Product:High-Quality Plastic Injection Molding
Place of Origin:Shengzhen China
Mould Material:H11/H13/P20/S50C/718/738/NAK80/S136/2738/2316 etc
Mould Base:LKM/ HASCO/ Meusburger EQV etc
Applicable materials:ABS/PP/PE/PC/PS/POM/PA/PA66/PMMA/GF etc
Surface Treatment:Polishing/According to customer requirements
Color:Custom Color & Logo
Part size:Customer requirements
Type:Injection mold
Lead time:30 – 70 days
Technology:Many’s MIS (What’s is Many’s MIS?)
Size:According to your drawings
Mold life:100,000 – 2,000,000 shots
Shape:According to your drawings
Runner:Hot Runner/Cold Runner
Mold Cavity:single; multi
Starting quantity:± 0.001mm


Smart Watch, Drone, Smart Home Injection Mold
with standard hardness for cavity and core, German steel for cavity and core, high-speed injection, fully automatic ejection system. With years of working experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we can guarantee our customers high-quality products, timely delivery, and competitive price.

After-sales Services
Experienced engineers will provide all-around technical solutions to any problems occurred in customers’ mold operation.

Many’s MIS Technology, High efficiency, short delivery time, competitive price. You may send your requirement, or 2D, or 3D design to us, We can make Spray cap mold plastic grill mold exactly as your needs.

Many Moulds offers full service ranging from the original conception to product completion, totaling the whole solution from the paper sketch to the functional part in your hand.
1. Mold can produce all kinds of plastic products.
2. Can rapid prototyping.
3. Safe and fast delivery.
4. Quantity, good quality, and reasonable price.
5. Support OEM.
6. The high-quality service.
7. Customer requirements identified and welcome customer’s design.
8. We have rich experience in mold production design and strict management systems.
9. Provide the best after-sales service.

Plastic Pet Bowl Mold Manufacturer, Factory in China


The Advantage of Many’s MIS Technology Applies to Plastic Pet Bowl Molds

Custom Process

Plastic Injection Molding Services Custom Process

Mold Process

Plastic Injection Molding Services Mold Process

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Plastic Injection Molding Services Injection Molding Case

Successful Cases

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The Features of Many MIS Technologies

Cost saving for injection molding (especially for mass production)

1. Resin cost saving by foam molding
saving about 5%~ 30% of the cost
2. Cycle time reduction, increasing efficiency (the thicker part, the more saving)
saving about 10%~ 20% of cost/pc
3. No painting needed for high gloss surface
Many MIS tooling designs and making cost increase……

Innovative mold design + innovative mold steel

(1)Many Mis Main Advantages
• No limitation on the length & size.
• No limitation on the shape.
• No limitation on the complexity of product structure.
• No limitation on the thickness of the wall.
• Thin wall or partial thin wall ≥0.5mm.
(2)Core: Keep the Actual Mold Temperature Balanced
• Mold is divided into multiple temperature control zones and each zone has a separate temperature sensor, heating rods, and control valve for cooling.
• Able to maintain temperature homogeneity for complex 3D part shape mold.
(3)3D heat-conduction block to control the heating and cooling of molds
• Super heat-conducting material, whose thermal conductivity reaches 370-400 W/m°C.
• Specific heat capacity: 0.100J/kg∙K.

Multiple innovative injection molding solutions

1. Chemical foam molding
2. High gloss traceless (without painting)
Including molding with metal powder/pearl powder/glass fiber, etc.
3. High fiber content material
(Partial) Thin wall molding
4. Textured surface molding with black resin without painting
5. Wood fiber material
6. Gas Injection molding……

Self-developed Integrated intelligent control system and equipment

(1)Advanced Molding Control Technology in the Industry
• Intelligent control of heating & cooling (Thermal analysis).
• Temperature difference in any part of the cavity and core is controlled within 2°C (thermomechanical analysis).
• Many MIS cooling unit can reach 35L *8 groups/min (Traditional cooling unit 10L/min).
• Full automation, compatible with all injection machines, no need for machines or system transformation.

(2)A leading intelligent integrated molding technology
• The 2nd generation of control equipment
• LS-2000 (For below 450T injection machines)
• LS-3000 (For 450T and above injection machines)……

Many Moulds Injection Molding Service FAQ

MIS (Multiple Solutions + Innovative Mold Design + Self-developed)
M = Multiple Solutions
I = Innovative Mold Design
S = Self-developed

Learn more Many MIS

Many Moulds applies the most popular innovation “Many MIS“, in addition to the tooling cost savings that product developers should try to achieve. “Many MIS” is widely used in many fields, and the larger the number of objects, the more money is saved. In most cases, cheaper tools are of poorer quality, less durable, have looser tolerances, and have a poorer surface finish. These are not cost savings. Rather, they are costly mistakes. Instead, long-term savings can be achieved through increased productivity, shorter cycle times, and process stability. As volume increases, the relative cost of the tool decreases until it is virtually free.

Cost Saving for Injection Molding (Especially for Mass Production), Multiple Innovative Injection Molding Solutions, Innovative Mold Design + Innovative Mold Steel, Self-developed Integrated Intelligent Control Systems and Equipment, Our molding service is strengthened by our extensive expertise and a wide range of production capabilities. This means we’re capable of producing parts ranging from millimeters to cubic meters in size. Our production of such a wide variety of parts enables us to best meet your needs. Further, we have unique access to tooling experts with decades of experience. They are available for video conferencing and customer support. We’re united in our efforts to help you have a satisfactory injection molding experience!

This depends on the complexity of the tool design and the type of material the tool is made from. Generally speaking, a very basic square shape made from relatively soft steel such as P20 can be made in less than one week. Very hard steels take longer to cut and heat treat, while complex shapes or advanced surface textures can require three or more weeks to prepare.

A reputable manufacturer will positively identify all incoming raw materials, and will carefully control every stage of production to ensure process repeatability. Full ISO certification is a good demonstration of their commitment to excellence.

We make tools and dies from S136H, 2316H, H13 hardened, 2316H, P20, 8407, and NAK80 semi-hardened steels. We offer standard SPI finishes, EDM texturing, and several different types of etched textures. We also have thousands of thermoforming plastics available – contact us for details.

All orders are carefully reviewed by our tooling engineers to provide design for manufacturing optimization. We also work closely with outside design consultancies who can offer expert advice on the process of moving a product from the concept stage to production-ready.

Our quality-control system includes several steps to ensure safe, high-performing products for our clients. As with all of our services, we conduct comprehensive material verification and testing before molding begins. This includes the metal used in our molds and the plastics used in production. During production, we carefully control all processing conditions — including temperature and humidity — to maintain repeatable results. Many molding companies neglect to do this, which can lead to flaws in the finished parts. We also 3D scan complex shapes to ensure accuracy.