What is Vertical Injection Molding Machine?

By Published On: July 21st, 2023Categories: Blog

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A Vertical Injection Molding Machine is a type of injection molding machine with a different structure and working method compared to traditional horizontal injection machines. In a vertical injection molding machine, the mold is mounted vertically, and the injection action is conducted along the vertical direction.


The characteristics of a vertical injection molding machine include:


  1. Compact structure: Vertical injection molding machines have a relatively smaller footprint and are suitable for production sites with limited space.


  1. Convenient operation: Since the mold is mounted vertically, operators can easily access and handle the mold for operations and maintenance.


  1. Gravity filling: In a vertical injection molding machine, plastic material is often filled into the mold cavity using gravity, eliminating the need for screw propulsion, which makes it more convenient for filling some products with special shapes.


  1. Accurate positioning: Vertical injection molding machines typically have precise mold positioning, contributing to the stability of the injection process and product consistency.


Vertical injection molding machines are widely used in the production of various plastic products, especially for producing products that require embedding metal parts or have complex shapes. In specific injection molding needs and product design situations, a vertical injection molding machine can be an effective production tool.


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